Best HP Printers for Home Office

Best HP Printers For home office
HP, another name of trust and providing comfort to customers. Are you also in search of an HP printer for your home office? If yes, then you will find the following article very helpful. Home offices have mainly become popular nowadays due to the pandemic around the world. As in home offices, one of the most common and useful hardware is printers.
First thing you have to clarify what type of Printer do you need. An inkjet or laser printer, a simple printer or all in one Printer, a monochrome or color printer. You will get every variety of HP printers; you need to choose according to your requirements according to your work type.
Every type has its merits or demerits, but one thing HP is providing for years is quality. HP printers of all variety are world known for their wireless connectivity, advanced features, scanning ability, and much more. The company is the one who launched the first-ever desktop laser printer (LASERJET PRO) back in 1984.
HP was founded in 1939. It was started as a car garage making electronic testing equipment for manufacturing facilities. Now it has established itself as one of the most promising and trusting brands for providing computer equipment. Nowadays it is much in demand for its line up printers, laptops and desktops You will find every variety in HP either an affordable inkjet printer for daily task or a laser printer for a heavy volume of work even also those printers which are portable, and you can easily carry them to your business trips. They also provide such printers that can easily print directly from your smartphones or social media apps.
Following are the table which helps you to distinguish between the type of Printer.

Simple Printer  VS  All in one Printer

Simple PrinterAll in one Printer
It is not multitaskingIt is multitasking
It is not space savingIt is space saving
One machine performs one taskOne machine performs many task
It can’t scan documentsIt can easily scan documents
It provides high quality printingIt provides average quality printing
It can’t able to send faxIt can send fax

Monochrome Printer  VS  Color Printer

Monochrome printersColor Printer
It can only print in black and white colorIt can print in many colors
It is cheaperIt is expensive
Not for graphicsBest for graphics
Smaller, lighter and fasterBigger, heavier and slower


We hope you find the above tables helpful and may get a clear vision about the type of printers and may you also got to know what style suits you most. There are also subtypes of printers you should acknowledge with its use. Here the list below:

Types of Inkjet Printer

  1. All in one Inkjet Printer:

    • Commonly used in home
    • Inexpensive
    • Printing, scanning, and copying ability
    • Require ink replacement cartridge
  2. Color Inkjet Printer:

    • Used by photographers
    • Printing, scanning, and copying
    • Can print in many colors
    • Require ink replacement cartridge
  3. One function Inkjet Printer:

    • Can just perform printing
    • Printing, scanning, and copying
    • Easy to use
    • Printing in black and white color
    • Some models can print picture

Types of Laser Printer

  1. Color Laser Printer:

    • Can print in many colors
    • Fast speed
    • Uses toner cartridge
  1. Monochrome Laser Printer :

    • Can print only in black and white color
    •  Good for businesses
    •  Fast speed
    •  Uses toner cartridge

Other Types of Printer

  1. Portable Photo Printer
  2. A4 paper printer
  3. Large format printer

Here the list of best HP printers we have listed after personal experience and many customers reviews

Every device we have listed about above may have its advantages and disadvantages. Still, one thing is that HP printers are always worth trusting and enables you to benefit from it and fulfil all your requirements. They are the ones who are worldwide known for their quality, wireless connectivity, print speed and volume and much more.


Choosing HP printers for your home office is a good selection but its wiser if you select the type of Printer carefully according to your requirements because every kind of Printer has different features designed for a different type of works. Because as you can see, HP offers great diversity in types of printers and options when it’s the matter of setting up your printer setup from advanced technology, significant cost-saving and environmentally friendly.

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