Best Laser Printer for Small Business

Best Laser Printer for Small Business
With the passage of time, laser printers have become a necessity for small businesses especially for graphic designs, digital art, fashion designing houses, and much more. Are you also in the search of a laser printer for small businesses, if yes then you should completely read the following article and we hope that you find the article helpful? Many of you have the following questions in your mind, here the answers which help you to solve your confusion and to choose your best laser printer for small businesses:

1) Why laser printers are better than inkjet printers?

Laser printers are nowadays more recommended than inkjet printers because they are economically cheaper than inkjet printers. In laser printers, toner cartridges are used which can print more pages in a minute than inkjet printers. The PPM (pages per minute) of laser printer is more than inkjet printer. Moreover, toner cartridge powder is used in laser printers so you don’t need to worry that either ink dries out or not.

2)What is the phenomenon of laser printing?

Laser printing is basically a technique in which toner cartridge powder is utilized and melted on the paper to print. Most of the laser printers are expensive but they are also economical if you focus upon PPM or taking out ratios or comparing it with other printers.

3)What is the best Print speed of a laser printer?

Laser printers have a high speed for printing documents. They are basically designed for office use but nowadays they are also used for small businesses or home businesses because they can easily print the bulk of pages in a minute the highest PPM of a laser printer is 15 to 100 pages.

  • BEST PPM OF A LASER PRINTER: 15 to 100 pages
  • AVERAGE PPM OF A LASER PRINTER: 12 to 80 pages
  • LOWEST PPM OF A LASER PRINTER: 10 to 50 pages

4 ) What is the best print volume of a laser printer?

Laser printers are known as a horseshoe for offices and business work. They can print a heavy volume of pages in less time. They have the capability to print a large volume of documents. Here’s the comparison table below which let you know about the best print volume printers

Type of Printer

Pages per minute

Monthly Print Volume

Laser Printer

35 ppm

750 to 3000 pages

Inkjet Printer

15 ppm

250 to 550 pages

The above table is based on average personal calculation.

5) Why toner cartridges are better than ink cartridges?

Toner cartridges use powder which is melted to get the print on the paper. It is used in laser printers
The ink cartridges use ink to get the print on a page. It is used in inkjet printers.
Mostly, toner cartridges are recommended over ink cartridges because ink gets dry out commonly which creates a problem when you have a pretty good load of work. Therefore, for office use or business use, it is recommended to use a laser printer in which toner cartridge is used which has a good print speed and volume.

6) Does the laser printer dry out?

No! Laser printers never dry out because the ink is not utilized in them. The inkjet printer has this issue therefore it’s better to choose a laser printer for yourself.

7) How do long the laser printer toner cartridges are used?

About two years. But one thing to remember it’s exact to the original date from the purchaser. It can last up to two years without creating an issue or problem for you. Whereas the ink in ink cartridges usually dries within six to eight months.

8 ) Are laser printers also better for infrequent use?

A dry plastic material that would not have a problem getting dry is also better for infrequent use. The toner cartridge powder can easily settle down in a machine for an extended time period. If you want to buy a laser printer for infrequent use, then you should on the way to go.

9)What should one never touch on a laser printer?

One should never touch the drum of the printer because one can damage it completely by touching it.

10) Do laser Printers need maintenance?

Not only laser printers but every electronic device needs maintenance. We should clean the cartridge if it spilled out. Try to dust out the printer and set the printer in a suitable place.

After considering every point, here we have list out some of the best laser printers for infrequent use

  1. HP® LaserJet® Pro M404dn Printer
  2. Canon’s image Class MF236n All-in-One Laser Air Print Printer


The device which is in your budget moreover you can get every benefit from it related to your work seems to be the best device for your work. You should always consider the following things before buying a device especially a printer.

  • Budget
  • Printer Connectivity
  • Model
  • Speed and volume

In the above article, we tried to answer out every question which is in most of the minds. Here we have also named two laser printers that are best for small businesses. HP laserjet should be your first priority because its features can handle all the requirements of a business whereas the Canon image class is also a pretty good option because it provides you many qualities and features in just one device. So, what are you waiting for go grab your best laser printer for your best small businesses?

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