What is the Best Office Printer Scanner

What is best office printer scanner

Are you in search of the best office printer scanner but confused about which model suits you best? Don’t worry! Here you get some information which helps you a lot. Printer scanners is a device that includes dual features in a single device. Printing and scanning are the two most important work done in offices. Both features are entirely different; printing gives you output, whereas scanning gives you an input. Choosing one such device which has both qualities is not less than a task. Because commonly in many devices which provide dual attributes in a single machine has many lacking but with the improvement in technology and advancement of science, the developers have now been on a stage where they provide you with such printers which can perform all task printing, scanning even sending faxing or emails effortlessly and accurately.
Printer scanners are such devices that in starting didn’t fulfill users’ expectations, but over time, there is a lot of advancement in these devices, and now they are much in demand. The developers have worked on physical and digital specifications and are now thriving in developing such printers with scan elements. For scanning, those printers contain a glass lid, and base on which the document which had to be scanned is placed, and through laser, it is scanned. The scan element works as a flatbed and physically attached to the printer. Drives and software manage a printer’s scan element. This software is installed via the installation wizard and helps to connect the printer to a computer.
These printers not provide printing, copying, or scanning but also faxing or sending email facilities. These printers are available directly from printer manufactures such as HP, CANON, SAMSUNG, and EPSON. These printers also enable you to send scanned documents to a third party. Paper Scan, Paper Port, and Scanitto Lite are such applications that these printer scanners must have SK to perform all tasks effortlessly.

Things To Remember Before Buying Printer Scanner

1 ) Image Quality

The quality matters a lot because depending upon your target market, the quality of your document and image requires high resolution. Printers at least have a resolution of 1200 dpi for good quality output.

2) Paper Handling

If your documents can be adjusted on A4 paper or legal size, you should go with A4 friendly printers and save your money. Additionally, if your documents have a large volume, they require different paper sizes, then one must choose the printer model according to requirements.

3) Size and Speed

The size of a printer you should focus must. Nowadays, small-sized printers are more preferred because of their convenient size moreover they can be adjusted anywhere and look stylish with their unique model design.
If you focus on speed, then you should forget image quality because, in many printers, fast pace results in low image quality, so choose that one which gives high image quality with fast speed.

4) Ease of Use:

Focus on this quality if you want the convenience of your staff. The less irritable and frustrated a person becomes when he find ease in his work. Kindly focus that is it easy to use the control panel? Is it easy to load and unload media? Is it easy to set up and use? Is it easy to use and print away?

5) Budget

When you buy a device, especially for the office, kindly focus less on budget and more on quality. If you have to extend the account on quality, kindly do it because buying electronic devices is just like investments and investments should be lifelong.

6) Network Connectivity

The printer scanner must have access to one computer and multiple computers so that you can easily print or scan documents from your computer by using Wi-Fi connectivity.

7)Duplexing vs simpler

The ability of printing or scanning one side vs power of printing or scanning on the dual side. The choice is yours whatever suits you buy that one so that you may get benefit from it.


The scan element of a printer with ADF (AUTOMATIC DOCUMENT FEEDER) is more useful because it can scan a large number of documents. For example, If you want to scan 30-page documents, you can easily do it with a printer scanner with ADF.

Comparison between Simple Printer vs Printer Scanner

Here it would help if you also looked upon the comparison between a simple printer vs printer scanner to understand the differences between them.

Simple Printer VS Printer Scanner

Printer ScannerSimple Printer
One device can perform too many functions.One device can only perform one function.
It can save your money by providing so many facilities In a single device.It can not help you to save your money because it provides the only facility In a single device.
It can save energy as it Is multifunction.It can not save energy as it is not multifunction.
It is the best choice for office use.It is not the best choice for office use.

Conclusion :

Always choose that device that suits your work type and your requirements. The device which can fulfill all your requirements plus it is in your budget is nothing less than a blessing for you. Always makes quality your first choice so that you may get the best results moreover you should try to figure out your requirements first, budget secondly and lastly the amount of work so that you can select your device according to your need. Clean your device properly and regularly if you want it to stay long. Don’t overload your device and if you have a large volume of work then buy heavy devices that can bear that effortlessly.

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