What is the best color printer for small bussiness

What Is The Best Color Printer For Small Business

Color printers! Nowadays the basic need for small business. Are you also in the search of it? If yes then you should surely read the following article. The color printer is basically those printers that can print more than in one color. Small business usually uses these printers for printing their templates and cards. In this modern era, many small business don’t give importance to these devices like color printers, scanners, and many other ones. They prefer sending their templates or cards via emails directly that we think personally is not a good thing. Because using emails or WhatsApp for sending your templates or graphic documents is a good substitute when you can’t able to connect people directly but if you can then you should always prefer hardcopy of your color documents. The soft copy can never be a good substitute for hardcopy. Many small business utilize color printers for printing their brochures, flyers, and ads without using costly printing services.

The first decision you should make is to choose between a laser or inkjet printer. An inkjet printer provides you best color image quality but there is a problem of ink replacement in these printers. Whereas laser printers are expensive but they are so productive. As printers are an important accessory for small business that basically indulge in the market. Following is the table where you can differentiate between an inkjet or laser color printer:

Laser Color Printer

Inkjet  Color Printer

Color documents with smudged ink look unprofessional created by laser toner.The ink didn’t smudge if it is wet by drops of water.
Cost per page is less as toner cartridge produce many more pages than inkjet cartridge.Cost per page is more than laser printer as laser cartridge can print over 1500 pages whereas inkjet toner can print only 150 pages.
They are faster as they can print 50% fast than inkjet printer .They are not faster but can provide a quality images.
Laser printer do not require monthly maintenance .They require monthly maintenance as the ink gets dry.
They have larger paper tray capacity .The paper tray capacity is not much larger.  


  • Wireless connectivity:

One of the advanced feature printers for office use should have so that you can easily complete all your work by just connecting your printer to your computer or mobile through wireless means or Wi fi eligibility.

  • Print Quality

The print quality should be up to a mark so that your printed photos or documents related to your business get acknowledgment in market . Having high quality printed photos and documents are much valuable and praised than the lower one.

  • Print Speed

 Normally, print speed is referred as PPM means PAGES PER MINUTE. When printer print documents at snail’s speed, it’s become irritable. If you have a dozen of documents to print , its important to know the PPM of your printer first so that you can easily manage and complete your work.

  • Stay in Budget

As you can’t spend too much money on buying color printer for your small business and you want best devices while staying in your budget. Mostly cheapest printers have the most expensive ink cartridge. This is the trick of manufactures. It is important to do research on this and make sure to buy such device which is in your budget moreover it has ink cartridge which you can buy easily.


After reading this whole article, I think you can easily choose best color printer for your small business. The printer which fulfills all your requirements moreover stay in your budget having good print quality and speed moreover wireless connectivity. Just you have to choose between an inkjet or laser printer. The type which suits according to your work type you should bring that so that you can take full advantage from it.

In this world of technology, buy that printer which you can buy by staying in your budget there is no need to spend a lot of money in buying electronic devices such as printers, scanners and others because everything becomes paperless so be unique, print your color documents with best quality moreover by staying in your budget just by selecting the best choice for yourself. The list which we have prepared above can help you get the best color printer for your small business so that we can help you.

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